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Winery & Pintxos Tour in Laguardia

La Rioja turns out what most people have in mind when they think of Spanish wines. Enjoy a great day among vineyards around one of the best wineries in an exclusive private-guided visit. The region produces wine since ancient Roman times. Taste terrific wines and discover small charming villages from Middle Ages. It’s no accident that when phylloxera hit Bordeaux in the late 19th century, French winemakers chose Rioja as a location to make wines for the French market.Not only will you have a chance to access one remarkable winery and taste its wines, but during the pintxos tour in Laguardia - pintxos are small food portions, sor of tapas style - you will also try astonishing new style wines that express a sense of place. Winemakers are making wines that reveal the terroir of the region, village, estate, and, increasingly, the vineyard. 


  • One-of-a-kind city tour led by a native local across the medieval town of Laguardia
  • A Rioja winery visit and wine tasting
  • Dive into local culture and traditions of Rioja towns
  • Eat like a local and enjoy a traditional pintxos lunch

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