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The City of the 100 Palaces: sherry & fine dining

At the Western end of Andalucia, El Puerto de Santa Maria (known as just El Puerto) is part of the famous Sherry Triangle and is steeped with history and monuments. Known as The City of the 100 Palaces, El Puerto is sitting on a rich but unnoticed declined grandeur. But the fish port and its strategic situation within salt marshes and infinite beaches surely worth a stop. The small but rich food market, one of the oldest distilleries and some of the noble sherry wine bodegas are waiting for you.  


  • Private access to a private bodega; you will be treated as a friend.
  • One-of-a-kind visits trying wines directly poured from the casks and led by the owner of the bodega.
  • A complete introduction to sherry wines and their fabulous pairing options.
  • Pairing lunch in a gourmet restaurant.
  • We cannot control everything and we leave room for improvisation.
  • Totally private session for you and your party.