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Barcelona Private Cooking Class

Barcelona is the city of design and is also home to one of the most famous food markets in the world; La Boqueria or Saint Joseph Market (Mercat de Sant Josep). It’s our weekly food destination when we are in the city since we can buy fresh fruits and veggies straight from our preferred farmers, wander around the fish area (where we always stop at Puri’s stall to pick up some unusual goodies), as well as stocking up on cheese, jamón, wild mushrooms and the best Norwegian cod you could imagine (Catalonia and the Basque Country have a very strong culinary tradition of salt cod). Will you miss a private cooking class in Barcelona?But we don’t just go to La Boqueria to fill up our fridge - we like exploring its darkest corners with our best friend, a historian and chef whose singular and unmistakable style mixes Greek, Arab and Roman traditions in his speech.Lately La Boqueria has become a major tourist attraction and at some times of the day the market gets so busy that it’s hard to walk through the crowd in the narrow passageways. That is why we don’t offer cooking classes in Barcelona on daily basis but we prefer to arrange them privately with you.What does a cookery session consist of? 

Who is the chef?

One of our chefs is the culinary director of La Boqueria Food Market, and beyond being a chef he is an historian specialized in researches around food and wine culture. Native from Italy, he is a Knight in the Italian National Order of Merit living in Barcelona and promoting the Spanish culinary culture for over 25 years. He participates in several TV and radio shows, and he is member of several wine and food guilds such as the Cava Guild, and he is part of gastronomic societies in Logroño and Barcelona. He is also consultant at Mercado de San Miguel in Madrid. As a writer and speaker, he participates at different cultural events such as the International Congress of Contemporary Spanish Literature. With a great sense of humor and an enviable memory, he masters Mediterranean cuisine and loves playing with the mix of cultures in the Iberian Peninsula and their influence on the table. 

Barcelona Cooking Class Highlights:

  • Learn about authentic Spanish culture by being integrated with locals and staying away from mass tourism and crowded destinations.
  • Feel 100% looked after; we are your hosts
  • Enjoy an extraordinary cooking class inspired by history, cross-cultural influences and fun.
  • Get an authentic picture of Barcelona and visit the lesser known areas.
  • Use the best seasonal ingredients: we respect the environment and natural cycle so the menu is always different with the freshest produce.
  • Design your own menu; we will finalize it with you according to your preferences.