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The Sherry Wines Triangle exclusive journey

Sherry wines tour in 5 days with Paladar y Tomar

Years do not pass by in vain, who dares to deny it? Here, in the sherry wines triangle lands, destiny has been kind and every passing year brings 12 months of temperament, singularity and graceful finesse. Sherry is the product of centuries-old trading links between countries – in the bodegas you’ll find historical links to the French, German and British: multiculturalism is a key aspect of Jerez’s wines.

Ultimately, these are wines to experiment with, and enjoy; wines without limits. It is time that sherry wines gained the appreciation it deserves and became known for its extraordinary versatility and exceptional quality. It’s also time to acknowledge the extraordinary work of the wine-makers themselves, archaeologists in search of past live footprints. If all this sounds like a foreign language to you, fear not. Our sherry wines tour through the “Sherry Triangle” of Jerez, Sanlucar de Barrameda and El Puerto de Santa Maria will decode all the secrets of this unique family of wines and show that sherry is most definitely cool.



  • Intimate exclusive access to some of the best sherry bodegas
  • One-of-a-kind visits, be ready taste wines poured straight from the casks
  • A full introduction to sherry wines and their terroir
  • A complete immersion in Andalusian lifestyle
  • Curated accommodation to suit your needs
  • Restaurants selection for a balanced and full experience
  • Private chauffeured service in premium vehicles 
  • Totally customized to you and your party