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San Sebastián: access a Sociedad Gastronómica

San Sebastian: exclusive access to a Sociedad Gastronomica with Paladar y Tomar

Paladar y Tomar offers you access to one of the most persuasive experiences a gourmet could ever dream of: enjoying a meal at a Sociedad Gastronómica in San SebastiánGastronomic societies play an important role and serve as meeting places where men of all social classes, known as cuadrillas, go to cook, eat and socialise.

Called txokos in Basque, these popular institutions had a significant impact on Basque cuisine. Many traditional dishes have been rescued or resurrected by sociedades gastronómicas and would have otherwise died out. Male members – traditionally men only where allowed, women are nowadays admitted in to eat but not to cook – meet in a private club fully equipped with kitchen and dining areas with a modest but cozy decor, either with other members of the society or with their families and friends. Don’t expect sophisticated recipes but only traditional preparations such as the bonito con tomate that reminds us of our childhood summers, the yummy bacalao al ajoarriero or a classical T-bone steak called txuletón, you will soon discover the Basque Country is a temple of beef.



  • A unique and very limited experience 
  • A real immersion in the rooted Basque culture
  • Feel like a local