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Private cooking class in Seville

Paladar y Tomar fixes private cooking classes in Seville

A private cooking class in Seville is without any doubt one of the best ways to savor in full one of most charismatic cities in Spain. Whether it was founded by the Greek god Hercules 3000 years ago or not, the scenery is bucolic. Known as the Capital of Tapas, those flavorful miniatures reflect Seville’s cross-cultural influence. Roll your sleeves up and learn the secrets of the traditional Andalusian cuisine in a one-of-a-kind experience reserved to the very few guided by a local chef and straight at his private kitchen, with one of the best views in downtown Seville.



  • Learn about authentic Spanish culture by being integrated with locals and staying away from mass tourism and crowded destinations.
  • A unique chance to learn real Spanish cuisine.
  • Enjoy a hands-on cooking class inspired by tradition, nature and passion.
  • Use the best seasonal ingredients: we respect the environment and natural cycle so the menu is always different with the freshest produce.
  • Customized menu; we will finalize it with you according to your preferences.
  • We always allow room for improvisation and last-minute changes, in true spontaneous Spanish style.