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Private cooking class in Marbella

Private Cooking class in Marbella

Marbella is among top 10 luxury holidays destinations in Europe. Known for its glamour and extravagance since the swinging Sixties scene on the Costa del Sol, the small town has rapidly become the holiday destination of choice. But the stylish resort benefits from some of the most wanted things a human being could wish for: 320 days of sunshine a year, 27 km of coastline and a total of 24 beaches, stunning golf resorts, an impressive selection of luxury accommodation, delirious shopping, a lively nightlife and delicious food. Marbella is becoming one of Spain’s best destination for foodies.

At Paladar y Tomar Marbella cooking class we will be delighted to escort you to one of the most vibrant food markets in Andalusia. This is not a standard cooking class but a lifetime experience. Not only will you learn new tips about Spanish cooking but you will be immersed in the native way of life. Your Chef, a well known personality in the culinary local scene, is a real advocate of healthy food and she will open the doors of her beachside villa to host you in this exclusive and intimate class. Before slicing and poaching the Chef will take you around Marbella to teach you about wild fish and olive oil, she’s will be your ‘nutrition’ educator.

Marbella is much more than a playground for the rich and famous; it is quite rare not to succumb to this old fishing village charms with an historic old quarter that was once an Arab “medina”, which explains the maze of narrow, winding streets.


Marbella Cooking Class Highlights:


  • Learn about authentic Spanish culture by being integrated with locals and staying away from mass tourism and crowded destinations.
  • Enjoy a cooking class inspired by tradition, nature and passion.
  • A unique masterclass on health and nutrition principles.
  • Introduction to Extra Virgin Olive Oil and tasting.
  • Use of the best seasonal ingredients: we respect the environment and natural cycle so the menu is always different with the freshest produce.
  • Design your own menu; we will finalize it with you according to your preferences.
  • An exclusive session for you and your party