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Manzanilla Wines Tour in Sanlucar

A memorable sherry wine tour among manzanilla | by Paladar y Tomar®

Imagine finding yourself in a remote seaside town, immersed in wine aromas and marine fragrance, caressed by west winds and protected by the biggest natural park in Europe: Doñana Park. This is Sanlucar de Barrameda. Semi-isolated and with an untamed ambience, it is the only place in the region where manzanilla can be made. With a distinctive character, this is a dry, fresh and delicate white wine produced under the sherry solera ageing system. Bodegas are in the middle of the city and opulence and decadence join together in a millennia-old scene from Tartessian times. 



  • Access to private bodegas closed to the public; in the Sherry Triangle wineries are normally open exclusively to professional visitors and memorable wine experiences are restricted to the very few.
  • One-of-a-kind visits tasting wines poured directly from the casks and led by the bodega owner.
  • A complete introduction to sherry wines and their fabulous pairing options.
  • Pairing lunch in a gourmet restaurant by the sea admiring the biggest natural park in Europe: Doñana Park.
  • We always allow room for improvisation and last-minute changes, in true spontaneous Spanish style.
  • Totally private session for you and your party.