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From Madrid to Ribera del Duero Food & Wine tour

Ribera del Duero Luxury Tour

This journey offers an unhurried exploration of Madrid and Ribera del Duero wine Golden Mile and time to explore the local culture, the deep-seated traditions and culinary delights of a wine region that represents the pinnacle of Spanish winemaking and the ultimate expression of Spain’s most noble red grape: Tempranillo.

Ribera del Duero now challenges Rioja as Spain’s premier red-wine producing area. Vega Sicilia is one of the most highly regarded—and unusual—wines on the planet and inspired the region revival. In 1982 there were only 14 estates in Ribera del Duero; now there are more than 300. The native tinto fino (tempranillo vines adapted to Ribera del Duero soil) expresses its best character and energy in a peculiar microclimate of hot days and cool nights common to other prestigious wine regions such as Porto and Priorat. The result are elegant, intense and complex red wines whose number of devotees around the world doesn’t stop growing. Some hypotheses claim tempranillo is twinned with Burgundy pinot noir for their similarity in the aging evolution. Anyway, Burgundy French monks from Cluny Citeaux where who introduced it in Spain. Tempranillo shows an interesting versatile behavior being able to produce from a cheap bulk wine to the most distinguished Spanish wine Pingus (from 400 to 500 euros per bottle). 

Subterranean wine cellars from ancient times offer an unparalleled architecture, in fact the region has produced wine for over 2000 years with proof lying in local Roman ruins.

There is nothing that goes together better with red Riberas than the lechazo asado, roast baby lamb with crackling skin and tender meat. The regional food includes luscious jamón ibérico (best acorn-fed cured ham), morcilla de Burgos (blood sausage), rich sheep’s milk cheese and alone is worth the trip.

But before reaching the oenophiles destination, Madrid is a must. The Spanish capital has a distinctly Spanish flair and is a lively city whose grandeur is full of living testimonies, not to mention one of the planet’s greatest collections of art spread in the three museums: El Prado Museum, Reina Sofia and Thyssen-Bornemisza. El Rastro market, the independent boutiques or the upscale shops in Salamanca provide endless shopping experiences. Small galleries and collectives with contemporary exhibitions by young artists complete Madrid’s cultural panorama. Madrid’s culinary scene deserves special mention. Its intense social life is reflected in a proliferation of bars and restaurants where people gather to have a glass and share some tapa with colleagues or friends. Did you know El Botín is recognized by The Guinness Book of Records as the World’s oldest restaurant?



  • A curated selection of premium and singular accommodations
  • Dive into local culture and traditions of the region
  • Unveil Ribera del Duero best kept secrets: terroir, varieties, winemaking process
  • Discover unconventional white wines from the Douro Valley
  • Getaway to Rueda
  • Unhurried exploration designed to your needs and expectations