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Luxury Basque Country Gourmet Tour

Luxury Basque Country gourmet tour

At this luxury Basque Country Gourmet Tour you will enjoy an amazing food and wine experience at one of the most leading culinary destinations in Europe: Basque Country and Rioja.

Txakoli white wines by the sea, fishing villages and old style shepherds, 24 Michelin stars and an irresistible food-oriented lifestyle are only some of the ingredients.

Discover Bilbao. Bilbao is the Basque region’s industrial capital, as well as its largest city, and its transformation over the last few decades is an urban planner’s version of a miracle. Discover the old quarter (Casco Viejo) the heart of the city full of tradition and history. Be amazed by Guggenheim’s building, the museum of modern and contemporary art designed by famous architect Frank Gerhy in 1997. Savor the best gastronomy in a region where gastronomy is a religion.

Rioja is only one hour from Bilbao, but it’s a world away. Spend a great day among vineyards around three of the best wineries in an exclusive private visit. Taste terrific wines and discover small charming villages from Middle Ages.

And San Sebastian – locally known as Donostia will unveil itself majestic and sophisticated, with innovative pintxo bars, 16 Michellin Stars and private Gastronomic Societies. Europe’s Rio de Janeiro, with the blue Bay of Biscay and the seven meters high statue of Jesus at the Monte Urgull, will show off a stunning food scene and a singular society.  



  • One-of-a-kind visits and workshops
  • Dive into local cuisine, local wines and local traditions of the region
  • Learn the basics and the basis of Basque cuisine
  • Unveil Rioja Alavesa best kept secrets (terroir, varieties, winemaking process) in a exclusive private wine tour
  • A perfect cocktail with innovative Michelin-starred restaurants and classical pintxos and home-made eating style