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Private cooking class in Ronda

Private cooking classes in Ronda, Malaga | Paladar y Tomar®

A man is not from where he is born, but where he chooses to die. The ashes of Orson Wells were placed at his own request, in the country estate of a close friend in Ronda. At the edge of a 120 meters deep and 70 meters wide canyon, there is Ronda.

If you decide to visit Ronda and stay in a cortijo or farmhouse we can organize a private cooking atelier at home. This is a simplified approach of the session:



  • Learn about authentic Spanish culture by being integrated with locals and staying away from mass tourism and crowded destinations.
  • Feel 100% looked after; we are your hosts
  • Enjoy a cooking class inspired by tradition, nature and passion.
  • Use the best seasonal ingredients: we respect the environment and natural cycle so the menu is always different with the freshest produce.
  • Design your own menu; we will finalize it with you according to your preferences.
  • We always allow room for improvisation and last-minute changes, in true spontaneous Spanish style; a winemaker or other local gastronomic figure might join us for lunch.