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Bilbao Pintxos Tour

Bilbao Gourmet PIntxos Tour


A Bilbao pintxos tour explosion of wonderful colors and tastes awaits you on this gourmet tour strictly for gourmands. Traditionally speaking you will distinguish pintxos from tapas in the fact that they are usually served on top of a small piece of bread, and often have a toothpick holding everything in place. But it is probably one of the most incredible food styles and you have to try it to believe it. Pintxos are a miniature culinary art and a pintxos tour in Bilbao is not to be missed!

Drinking and dining out is, of course, in the Basque blood, that has led locals to develop one of the most internationally acclaimed gastronomies. In Basque Country food vendors and chefs have enthusiastically embraced its status as gastronomy world reference. And pintxos are incomparable, audacious and succulent. The Basque Country has taken traditional tapas and turned them into cutting-edge works of culinary haute couture



  • One-of-a-kind tapas tour led by a native 
  • A selection of pintxos and premium wines
  • Explore the local culture and traditions of Bilbao
  • Feel like a local