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The essence of Al-Andalus cuisine: from Morocco to Andalusia

The art of spices in the Arabian cuisine

Immerse yourself in magic and seduction; exoticism and greatness. the Muslim empire occupied Spain for over 800 years making one of the most cultural significant impacts and shaping the culinary habits in Spain. The new Islamic state in the Peninsula was named Al-Andalus.

Not only eggplant, spinach, sugar cane, rice, apricots and citrics among other products were introduced by the Arabs in the Iberian Peninsula, but also the introduction of irrigation ditches, cisterns and draining systems contributed to expand the existing olive growing. Marinating technique for food preserving and the alcohol distillation were also valuable contributions.

The gastronomic expression of the Islamic civilization is a major indicator of the economical and cultural development of the Arabs who became the artistic, scientific and intellectual elite. They developed the most refined dining experiences up to unimaginable limits and considered gastronomy a successful means of restoring and preserving health at all levels. Arabs upgraded gastronomy to a philosophical and human level. Delight and pleasure while eating were sacred and condiments and spices became essential: saffron, peppermint, cumin, lavender, cardamom, caraway, oregano, ginger, pepper, coriander, clove, nutmeg and so on. Honey and almonds, bread and meal; savor this ancient but fully alive culture while you admire traces of magnificence and unimaginable sceneries. Embark in a hedonist escape from Morocco to Andalusia.



  • An exclusive itinerary crafted by expert native locals fruit of an intensive R&D
  • One-of-a-kind cultural visits and workshops to feel like a local
  • Dive into local cuisine, local wines and local traditions of Morocco & Andalusia
  • Learn the origins about Moorish heritage culture in Andalusia
  • Try berber traditional cheeses and visit a Moroccan winery
  • Total immersion in extra virgin olive oil production & wine production and consumption
  • Visit a Moroccan women’s co-operative part of the Government social aid program
  • Dinner at Dar Namir by Tara Stevens, food journalist
  • Restaurant Numéro 7 in Fez by chef-in-residence, voted one was of the world’s most beautiful restaurants by the Wall Street Journal
  • Restaurant Noor by Paco Morales, the first and unique focused on Al-Andalus cuisine – member of Bullipedia team –
  • 1-Michelin-starred restaurant El Choco by Kisko García
  • 2-Michelin-starred restaurant José Carlos García by José Carlos García
  • Private conference: The contribution of Al-Andalus to the science,  the agriculture, the gastronomy and the universal literature
  • Totally private tour exclusive for you and your party led my native specialists
  • Private transfers