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Access a secret txoko in Bilbao

Txokos are private dinner clubs in the Basque Country


Time to access a secret txoko in Bilbao. Supper clubs are not a recent phenomenon from New York or London. Txokos or Gastronomic Societies are well rooted in the Basque culture. These private dining clubs were born in the 19th century but received a big boost during Spanish Civil War when they became a social secret meeting point where Basques could gather together and express themselves in their own language. Traditionally run by men, most of these gastronomical societies do now allow women’s access.

It is a participative club and members are responsible for sourcing the produce, either by buying it or by harvesting and hunting themselves and the system, which is fully self-regulated, runs like clockwork. The sole goal is to gather together a group of friends and family and enjoy time around food and wine.

Txoko’s impact on Basque Cuisine has been key. They contributed to rescue some old recipes that would have been lost and they run as laboratories exploring with new ingredients and refining the actually acclaimed Basque cuisine.


Bilbao txoko experience Highlights:

  • A lifetime experience to access a private gourmet club or txoko
  • Home-made gourmet lunch or dinner with premium wines
  • An English-speaking guide throughtout