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Jerez: a day in the Sherry vineyards

A memorable day in the sherry vineyards | Paladar y Tomar

Visiting the sherry vineyards you will step on the chalky white albariza soil of the sherry region around Jerez de la Frontera, a magic sponge that soaks up moisture allowing the grapes to survive during at least ten dry months of the year. We enjoy walking among the ancient vines, feeling the soft breeze and admiring the landscape. And above all, we love feeling the passion and energy shared by unconventional winemakers. We are in love with this land and you will soon feel the same way. We invite you to enjoy glasses of sherry wine surrounded by nature and passion.

Terroir matters in Jerez. Did you know that the sherry region created one the Spain’s oldest vineyard classifications in the 18th century? Later, by 1868 136 different parcels of land were identified, known as pagos. From half a hectare to 800 hectares, these estates were distinguished by their specific quality.



  • A complete introduction to sherry wine region: know the magic of its terroir.
  • A full explanation of organic wine production.
  • Discover old grape varieties in recovery process.
  • Unusual wine tastings, sherry wines are paired straight from the cask
  • Lunch in the vineyard, al fresco picnic will be organized if possible, depending on the weather.
  • We always allow room for improvisation and last-minute changes, in true spontaneous Spanish style
  • Totally private session for you and your party.