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Signature Food, Wine and Lifestyle Journeys

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P&T Signature Collection

Diversity | Authenticity | Mystery

When discerning palates enjoy the most exciting
gastronomic experiences going far beyond

We go the extra mile. Paladar y Tomar Signature Collection tours represent the greatest expression of our essence. These thematic trips are the fruit of an intensive R&D and concentrate the best ingredients for the savoriest epicurean travel.

You will take part in a redoubtable story where food and wine will naturally connect past and present. Picasso, even if not a big eater, loved table setting etiquette and social protocol and very often found his source of inspiration in cafes and bars. Did you know a blue-fin tuna could feed 100 soldiers and therefore the control of the precious fish capture became a key strategy since ancient times contributing to the development and expansion of the main cultures and empires in the Mediterranean?

Prestigious chefs, winemakers, historians and arts experts take part in these distinctive journeys to create the most memorable experience ever.


We stimulate the new generation of epicurean travelers.


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