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Africa’s gateway to Europe, Morocco, a land of fraternity and diversity, melds the cultural identities of proud Berbers and noble Romans, courageous Phoenicians and familial Arabs and exuberant Andalucians, establishing a hub of culture and cuisine that spreads to the Iberian Peninsula and beyond.

Morocco enchants the wandering heart, enlivens the staid spirit. Indulge your fantasies. Let her splendor charm you. Let her beauty seduce you. Morocco awaits you.

Sitting in the shadows of the mighty snow-clad peaks of the Atlas Mountains, Marrakech is not only one of Morocco’s most aesthetic cities, but also one of its most lively and exciting. Founded almost 1000 years ago, the Red City is a feast for the senses.



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Multiethnicity has shaped Morocco’s cultural persona and influenced her artisans, those peoples blessed with conveying traditions and heritage through the lens of the artistic perspective and charged with telling her history for the world to embrace. You witness the societal influence of Dar al-Islam in her medinas, in the sparse exterior of her dars, or homes, and in their lavish dormirias, or parlors, regaled with as much nationality and custom as they are with exquisite fabrics, robust colors and intricate tessellations.

Cities razed and rebuilt, new foundations laid over old, languages combined and intertwined, describes the unseen character of the Moroccan cityscape. Fez, Morocco’s second largest city, holds an allure as ancient as her walls, a conservatism that hesitates to brandish her luxury to the world.


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Transport yourself to the 3rd century and contemplate the preserved vestiges of the once-Roman outpost of Volubilisin in the fertile plains of the Moroccan north. Mosaics preserved in situ, ruins that bore witness to every phase of Moroccan occupation, a keyhole to civilizations lost but not forgotten.

Immerse yourself in the luxurious modernity of coastal Oualidia. Sink your heels in moist, golden sand flats that recede and rebuild with the tide and lose yourself in the shadow of Borj El-Berod, the toppled watchtower twinned by the Phoenician ruins of Iles Purpuraires on the islets of Iles Purpuraires.




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In the remote sands of Merzouga, you’ll find silence is the most beautiful sound you could ever hear, and the unfiltered night sky is the clearest window looking out from our world. In Oukaimeden, the continent’s highest ski resort, you can touch the sky on the peak of Jebel Attar and see the Sahara below. Ski the pistes of the High Atlas, past Berber villages and pristine crests and unscalable couloirs, to the warmth waiting beyond the snow.