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Tenerife and tapas, Playa de las America and Los Cristianos, the bass and neon lights of discos assaulting the senses without respite from sundown to sunup — this is the Canary Islands scene you might know from the mass media of one-size-fits-all tourism. But there’s another, less obvious side to the islands, a side untouched by outposts of international brands, chic boutiques and the trappings of touristic excess.

Get off the beaten path and take the road less travelled when your luxury holiday take you to the Canary Islands — you’ll be rewarded with an experience as unique and individualistic as the islands themselves.


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Probably every visitor to the island has encountered papas arrugás, gofio and one or more of the innumerable variations of mojo you find paired with everything from pollo to pernil. Canarians have over one hundred dishes specific to island, region, neighborhood and even family — these are the foods you won’t find in your hotel restaurant. Search out a savory smooth bocadillo de chorizo de Teror, spread it over a crusty piece of fresh pan rondo baked in a wood-fired oven and pair it with a glass of tinto tradicional from Tajinaste. Instead of ubiquitous gofio, tempt your palate with a simple yet succulent pata asada, as either tapas or bocadillo, and complement it with a rosado from Los Bermejos, a region known for its deceptively bold, rich rosés.

We’ll take you where the Canarians eat and drink when traveling the islands. You’ll find luxury doesn’t always come at a high price.

Wine landscapes in Lanzarote, Paladar y Tomar


Explore the verdant beech and pine forests of El Hierro and traverse the volcanic barrens to the cozy, languid fishing village of La Restinga. Revel a swim in the tranquil, tepid waters of Mar de las Calmas, the most serene in the North Atlantic, or drift for hours in one of the locale’s natural pools. In south Fuerteventura, feel the unspoiled golden sands of Playa de Cofete beneath your feet as the aboriginal Guanchetos did a millennium ago. Bask in the bucolic splendor of the Jandia mountains and distance yourself from the fervor of the cityscapes, if just for a while.

Allow yourself all the luxury your travel to the Canary Islands offers, but don’t hesitate to try something new — you’ll undoubtedly find something special, if only to you.

Luxury accommodation in Tenerife, Canary Islands | Photo: Ritz Carlton Abama


High elevation, volcanic soils and the relatively unknown grape varieties of the Canary Islands make for some of the most distinctive, distinguished wines in all of Europe. A sensational array of microclimates, fierce northeasterly winds and ashy, volcanic sands, along with the islands’ insularity, set Canarian wines far apart from those found on the mainland.

Volcanic vineyards in Lanzarote, we design wine tours in Canary Islands (Contact: Paladar y Tomar)

Photograph: Dimitri Houtteman on Unsplash