Madrid private cooking class by Paladar y Tomar

Madrid Cooking Class

MADRID COOKING CLASS Madrid devotion for food is felt in every recipe. Overview Madrid Cooking Class Our mission is to create one-of-a-kind foodie experience that stands out from the ordinary. This hands-on cooking workshop in Madrid with a master chef includes a visit to a barrio market but means much more: it represents sharing a half day with a very well connected native local and getting a real taste of Madrid’s culture. Not only will you enjoy home-cooking at its best but all recipes are easy to reproduce once you’ll be back in home. The Chef will also teach you about Spanish ingredients and notice; she uses fresh organic produce at

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Barcelona private cooking class with Paladar y Tomar

Barcelona Private Cooking Class

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Learn authentic Spanish cooking with Paladar y Tomar in Marbella

Marbella Private Cooking Class

MARBELLA PRIVATE COOKING CLASS welcome to Marbella, undoubtedly one of Spain’s best destination for foodies. Overview Marbella is among the top 10 luxury holidays destinations in Europe. Known for its glamour and extravagance since the swinging Sixties scene on the Costa del Sol, the small town has rapidly become the holiday destination of choice. But the stylish resort benefits from some of the most wanted things a human being could wish for: 320 days of sunshine a year, 27 km of coastline and a total of 24 beaches, stunning golf resorts, an impressive selection of luxury accommodation, delirious shopping, a

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Exclusive Cava tour from Barcelona, a day trip by Paladar y Tomar

Exclusive Barcelona Cave Tour

EXCLUSIVE CAVA TOUR FROM BARCELONA Exploring a world of signature bubbles Overview Exclusive Barcelona Cave Tour This unique wine tour from Barcelona take you to the homeland of some of the most wonderful sparkling wines. Our extensive wine connections, mutual respect and friendship after many years in the wine business allow us to go the extra mile in every wine tour. Join us for a real meaning of an exclusive cava tour. Cava are wines of exceptional quality, prestigious around the world, are produced in this region of Catalonia, located between the plains of the Mediterranean coast and the nearby mountains. Cava is the

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Sample some of the fines charcuterie on a wine & tapas tour with Paladar y Tomar

Barcelona Wine Tapas Tour

BARCELONA WINE & TAPAS TOUR Get to know some of the iconic Catalan wines paired with delicious tapas Overview Barcelona Wine Tapas Tour Barcelona is a tempting destination for wine enthusiasts. Keeping the art of wine appreciation alive, bars have opened around Barcelona the focus on wine tasting itself, offering lists that span the width and breadth of Spain. This private Wine & Tapas tour in Barcelona will uncover a different side of Barcelona by immersing you in those cozy establishments only-for-locals while strolling through the city. Let your smiling sommelier lead the way through less-than-famous but wonderfully-unique Catalan wine regions, guiding you eagerly

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Rioja day trip, from Bilbao or San Sebastian, Paladar y Tomar

Rioja Day Trip

RIOJA DAY TRIP From Bilbao or San Sebastian, explore the historical Spanish wine region. Overview Rioja Day Trip La Rioja turns out what most people have in mind when they think of Spanish wines. Enjoy a great day among vineyards around three of the best wineries in an exclusive private-guided visit. The region produces wine since ancient Roman times. Taste terrific wines and discover small charming villages from Middle Ages. It’s no accident that when phylloxera hit Bordeaux in the late 19th century, French winemakers chose Rioja as a location to make wines for the French market. Not only will you have a chance to access remarkable wineries

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Exclusive sherry wineries tour in Jerez with Paladar y Tomar

Exclusive Sherry Bodegas Tour in Jerez

EXCLUSIVE SHERRY BODEGAS TOUR IN JEREZ Be wowed by sherry wines poetry. Overview Sherry Bodegas Tour in Jerez The first time you enter a sherry bodega you will be wowed by its magnificence – everything is somehow magic and different. Feel a tingling of excitement every time you enter a bodega. Through this totally private and exclusive sherry bodegas tour you will discover a new world – not only gorgeous wines and stunning architecture, but be immersed in a lifestyle that is unique and stands in a glorious and vibrant past. Sherry Bodegas Tour in Jerez Program A member of

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Discover Madrid on a private tapas tour with culinary experts Paladar y Tomar

Madrid tapas tour

MADRID TAPAS TOUR Welcome to one of Spaniards preferred tapas heaven Overview Madrid tapas tour Madrid, Spain’s capital, has a distinctly Spanish flair and is a lively city whose grandeur is full of living testimonies, not to mention one of the planet’s greatest collections of art, the Prado Museum. The Palacio Real arranges tours and El Rastro market or the upscale shops in Salamanca provide endless shopping experiences. Small galleries and collectives with contemporary exhibitions by young artists complete Madrid’s cultural panorama. Madrid’s culinary scene deserves special mention. Its intense social life is reflected in a proliferation of bars and restaurants where people gather to have a

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Embark on a private cooking class in Seville with Paladar y Tomar

Seville Cooking Class

SEVILLE COOKING CLASS How to make gazpacho and other Andalusia specialties in a private cooking session Overview Seville Cooking Class A private cooking class in Seville is without any doubt one of the best ways to savor in full one of most charismatic cities in Spain. Whether it was founded by the Greek god Hercules 3000 years ago or not, the scenery is bucolic. Known as the Capital of Tapas, those flavorful miniatures reflect Seville’s cross-cultural influence. Roll your sleeves up and learn the secrets of the traditional Andalusian cuisine in a one-of-a-kind experience reserved to the very few guided by a local

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Tapas tour in Seville, a unique foodie experience with Paladar y Tomar

Seville Tapas Tour

SEVILLE TAPAS TOUR Our guided tapas tour through vibrant Seville reveals the best of this particular way of eating Overview Seville Tapas Tour Our guided tapas tour through vibrant Seville reveals the best of this particular way of eating. Tapas is Spanish to the core — an extremely enjoyable way of having a meal. It normally involves visiting a number of bars during the course of a lunchtime or evening, trying local delicacies and sharing each dish with your companions. Taste the best of the local fare and soak up all the dazzling sights, sounds and smells of a true tapas tour out

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