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Cultural & Heritage Tours

Gastronomy articulates our social identity; the development of the art of cookery represents an innate urge toward betterment in a purer form than any other development.

More than any other food or drink, wine has been used by philosophers and artists to exemplify concepts and emotions and banquets have been the most important social ritual.

All kind of arts, architecture, engineering, mathematics have been developed in search of safer feeding solutions and in every society, without exception, eating and drinking have been used as social status differentiator. Join us for the most authentic cultural tours.

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Flamenco; the essence

Duende, the mystery of flamenco

Arts & Antiques Shopping Tours

Explore dusty tucked-away boutiques in Barcelona, Seville and Madrid

An epicurean walk in Picasso footsteps

From Barcelona to Malaga | 7 DAYS

The essence of Al-Andalus cuisine: from Morocco to Spain

From Morocco to Andalusia | 19 DAYS