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Infused with Miró flavors, the "Cathedral of light" is worth a visit - named so for the 87 windows and seven rose windows that allow natural light to get through. Beautiful squares, great shopping, and a food scene to die for.

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A little bit of history about Palma de Mallorca…

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1. Parque de la Mar: we can capture one of the most beautiful postcards of the city from the park: the Cathedral and its reflection in the great salt water lake. There are different pieces of contemporary art but But perhaps the one that stands out the most is a huge 11-meter mural made up of more than 200 tiles by Lluís Castaldo that reproduces one of the last works of Joan Miró.

2. Saint Mary’s Cathedral: the construction of the popularly names La Seu tarted in 1229 and since then the evolution and multiple incursions have made it a surprising place. The rose window is the largest of any gothic cathedral in the world. One of the most outstanding interventions is the one carried out by the great Antoni Gaudí, who took the opportunity to introduce large doses of ingenuity. From 2001 to 2006 Miquel Barceló raised to maximum power in the Santísimo chapel, where a ceramic skin covers everything and, incidentally, unleashes a cavalcade of entertaining and overwhelming expressionist and religious allegories. The spectacular Seu de Mallorca is characterized by the elegance of its forms, its slender columns and games of light.

3. The Almudaina Royal Palace is set on a muslim fortress from 1281 that was accessible from the sea. You’ll be delighted by the wall and its 14 towers, the Arco del Mar (Sea Arch), the Weapons Courtyard, the Orchard of the Queen, the Orchard of the King, the Arab baths, the King’s Chapel or the Chapel of Santa Ana. In the 14th century, the tall and narrow tower competed in height with the Cathedral’s.

4. Food markets to delight your taste buds. Santa Catalina keeps its itinerant carácter – super posh and elegant – and San Juan, with 110 years of history, reopened in 2015 and has become one of the main points of interest in Palma.

5. The old quarter stretches through a labyrinth of alleys that are not far from being a medina, although its premises are modern with international cute boutiques, from the imaginary of the Thousand and One Nights it still preserves the Arab baths.

6. There is an architectural feature that surprises at every step: the patios (courtyards). The patios have always been the best showcase for Mallorcan show off throughout history. Symbol of power, the central part of the houses maintains its gallantry and, in some cases, even its original appearance. Strolling along Can Savellà street you can lokk through the crack and the bars to find uncorrupted examples and attend a class on how to differentiate Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque features in civil architecture.

7. There is an interesting Modernist route, style that was imported from Barcelona in the early 20th century; a walk that is worth getting disoriented and getting carried away.

8. Pilar & Joan Miró Foundation: https://miromallorca.com/ A way to approach Miró’s work in another way and capture the painter’s relationship with the island. In addition, the museum designed by Moneo and its games of shapes and illuminations make looking at paintings a more joyful and intelligent experience. Also, the two workshops of the painter are open to visit.

9. Bellver Castle, from where you can conquer the city and get the best views, it has a rare circular plant very instagrammy.

10. Juan March Foundation, Barceló Foundation and Bartolomé March Servera Foundation propose visits in which Arab strolling is combined with the most contemporary and surprising languages.

But the culinary scene is not less impressive: roast suckling pig is the city’s specialty together with the creamy La Granja white beans (judiones de la granja) famous all over Spain!


Balearic gastronomy breathes craftsmanship, territoriality and a real commitment to the environment… In Palma…


  • Ensaimada it’s the most popular and…
  • Frito Mallorquín is a very old recipe probably from the 14th century, of Sephardic origin since still today we find similar dishes…
  • Tumbet Mallorquín a delicious vegetable pie…
  • Sobrasada
  • Coca de trampó ss
  • Arròs brut xxx
  • Sopa mallorquina, hearty soup…
  • Caracoles a la mallorquina jj
  • Olive oil in Mallorca is blessed with more than 750,000 olive trees, 90% of which are more than 500 years old. These ancient trees with gnarled and twisted trunks are an intrinsic part of the Mallorcan landscape. Phoenetians and Greeks were whom brought them to the island. Be ready to sample them everywhere during your stay.


The island cultivates vines since…

  • DO Binissalem
  • DO Plà i Llevant


Top: Can Bordoy Grand House & Garden | Bottom left: Castell Son Claret |Bottom right: Hotel Es Príncep

Palma de Mallorca offers Infinite options to sleep in the heart of the city. Hotel Es Príncep is a lovely… or the cute Can Bordoy Grand House & Garden where… Reach out to let us find your perfect home. Or Posada Terra Santa, make guests coexist with a 16th century palace that does not exude the past, but is based on it to combine its future thanks to a risky but tremendously beautiful design.

If you prefer to stay away from the buzzling downtown you can stay in a castle from the 13th century in the outskirts, Hotel Castillo Son Vida Luxury Collection by Marriott… And at just half an hour drive from Palma, Castell Son Claret Leading Hotels of The World…  

Infinite other proposal surround Mallorca’s coastline, and inland adorable…



If you’ve got a taste for a slow pace and private exploration, then get in touch with us to start planning your bespoke offbeat urban adventure.​

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