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Taken by palm trees and by a dazzling light, Alicante is the city of rice, nougat, ice creams and a vibrant arts and cultural scene.

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A little bit of history about Alicante…

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1. Alicante city: from Santa Barbara Castle…

2. Villajoyosa and Altea charming villages: not far is Calpe, with its famlingos and the Red Wall by Ricardo Bofill. Altea, Flanked by the sea and the mountains, this town with a bohemian air with 22,000 inhabitants and considered one of the most beautiful in Spain continues to go unnoticed by many people. 

3. Elche, the largest palm grove in Europe:

4. Guadalest Valley & Algar springs: On the ascent to Castellet, remains of an ancient fortification of Arab origin, perched on the rocky outcrops of this rock, you will see the Guadalest Valley and its famous turquoise reservoir.

5. Tabarca island: marine reserve etc

6. Cala Portitxol: officially names Cala la Barraca, info here

7. Moros y Cristianos in Alcoy: a unique festivity in Alcoy – medieval and modernist city, nestled between rivers, ravines and mountains.

8. Pink Lagoon from Torrevieja: more info here in the Natural Park Lagunas de la Mata.

But the culinary scene is not less impressive: roast suckling pig is the city’s specialty together with the creamy La Granja white beans (judiones de la granja) famous all over Spain!


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Food in San Sebastian is a religion, some of the most known chefs…

  • Rice: arroz al horno, arroz con costra, arroz del senyoret these are
  • Salted fish: mojamas, capellanes, semisalazones, tonyina de sorra, huevas, pulpo seco these are just a few specialties…
  • Red prawn from Denia: gamba roja
  • Turrón de Alicante y Jijona: cc
  • Cerezas de la Montaña de Alicante
  • Olleta Alicantina:
  • Gachasmigas
  • Borreta: based con cod fish, it’s a very humble recipe…
  • Pericana: a sauce…
  • Ice creams:


From Barcelona you can easily reach stunning wine regions in a short drive…

  • DO Alicante


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