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Welcome to P&T Travel Mag

Let me tell you we are YMP (acronym for Young Maverick Professionals) with a hunter spirit. We never follow the easy path; there is no shortcut to anywhere worth going. We love playing and going beyond expectations, why not creating a new travel concept that would identify our raison d’être? That is why we created a boutique travel design agency and we deliberately named it Paladar y Tomar; a Spanish name to identify our origin.


P&T Travel Mag is the only Spain travel blog written in English by native locals


There are so many real stories to talk about and too many stereotypes that as genuine storytellers we had to go further and that’s how P&T Travel Mag was born. We don’t want our readers to miss the point when they come to Spain or Portugal and we really bet for softly unveiling the authentic Iberian spirit. We won’t talk about paellas in Seville and you won’t find conventional top lists. We live at the destinations and we were born here; all you will read at P&T Travel Mag are honest-to-goodness and certified curiosities about Spanish and Potuguese lifestyle. We invite you to follow us across this magical journey.

Welcome to P&T Travel Mag, the blog from Paladar y Tomar

The secret society

We can affirm we adore Barcelona, Andalusia, Madrid and the Basque Country, and we feel in Portugal like home and there are a too many hidden and blur aspects to non-residents. Through these pages we will bring to you a fresh and intimate vision of the Spain and Portugal you would never imagine, we will break those wrong fixed ideas and discover together that Spain and Portugal are more than the essential epicurean meccas but also natural paradises, creative countries embracing some of the best fashion designers and creative minds and that new luxury is about being, not having.


New luxury is about being, not about having anymore



Being means living with a sense of excitement, and that zest for life is all we want to share; from our grandma recipes to the best world wines made by close friends, we step into the vineyards and we literally sip the landscape. We will tell you what the Feria de Sevilla is and what it means for sevillanos; it’s one of the very few absolutely private festivals reserved to members-only. We won’t miss genuine sports such as horse eventing or the most exciting horse riding trails, golf and sailing exclusive activities. Interviews are king; one of our pillars is connecting people and there is no better way to learn about a destination than let main actors to tell the story.

Welcome to Spain and Portugal!

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