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Alioli recipe, the favorite garlic sauce

Alioli: how to make it on real time

Alioli, allioli, aioli or ajoaceite – four different ways of naming the most famous garlic sauce, all meaning [garlic & oil] – is not definitely a new and cosmopolitan creation. It dates back Egyptian times, then the Romas really extended it over their empire beginning in Sicily, and later during the Al-Andalus it spread from Spain to the northern countries. Nowadays, the tasty sauce is found all over the Mediterranean culture countries, and did set well in Spain. 

Originally the allioli recipe does not have any egg, it is as simple as garlic and oil manually crushed and blended with a pestle and mortar. The risk of the ancient recipe: it takes a long time to make it and get an homogenize sauce, very often the result is not as expected. The solution, using an egg that provides an extra fat and makes it creamy.

What does alioli go well with?

Sauces elevate a meal and make it easy for anyone to turn a bunch of vegetables and proteins into a finished dish with almost no thought. From the traditional seafood paella or fideuà served along the Mediterranean Spanish coastline, to some humbles baked potatoes or a simple toast. Try to add some to some grilled meat or sausage, the combination is fantastic. And a colorful selection of grilled vegetables with alioli is just sublime. For an intensive “training”, visit the areas where this perfect and healthy condiment is most used, our trip to Catalonia & Andalusia reveals it all.

We invite you to see on real time how to make it, quantities are perfect for two to four people (you can keep it in the fridge for no longer than two days).

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