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Sigourney Weaver and Ethan Hawke receive San Sebastian Festival Lifetime Honor

Compared with other major festivals all around the world including Toronto Film Festival, London Film Festival and the Venice Film Festivals, San Sebastian is one of the most important events in the film calendar. San Sebastian, a coastal city in the northern region of Spain and capital of Guipúzcoa province, features a laid back atmosphere, impeccable people and a boisterous nocturnal life. Located halfway between Bilbao and the French Border, this enchanting city is one of the favorite destinations for festival goers. No one will experience the San Sebastian Film Festival and not want to come back for the next edition.


Photographs: San Sebastian Film Festival


What makes San Sebastian Festival the best in the world

This year’s festival, the 64th, is fully packed with lots of incredible events and activities for everyone. There are so many reasons why San Sebastian is considered the best in the world by festival goers. Here is a highlight on the reasons why San Sebastian is an event not to miss:

1/ Unlike other top world film festival destinations around the world. San Sebastian is relaxing, and leisurely. Most cinema destinations within the city are located within 10 minutes walk of each other. Getting to cinemas has never been easier and more comfortable. You can see three movies of your choice a day at different venues- what more could festival goers ask for. A walk around the cinemas will take you through some of the city’s imposing structures and fascinating Old Town, while exploring its rich cultural heritage.

2/ The city is home to one of the friendliest locals in Spain and Europe. These friendly folks are considerate hosts who are willing and ready to give a welcoming hand to local visitors and tourists alike visiting San Sebastian during this festival time.

3/ The film selection is incredible. Featuring a strong presence from the Spanish speaking world to the thrilling British and American films, San Sebastian Film Festival is intriguing and captivating with an endless list of film selections. You will never regret seeing any of the movies here.


Stars to receive San Sebastian Festival Lifetime Honor

Sigourney Weaver at San Sebastian Film Festival 2016

Sigourney Weaver

Sigourney Weaver, one of the top American actress, will receive the Donostia Lifetime Achievement Award at the San Sebastian Film Festivals held this year. Weaver will receive the honor while presenting her latest work –A Monster calls –for having presided over some of the finest productions over the past few years, with big name directors such as Ridley Scott, Peter Weir, James Cameron, Mike Nichols, among others. Sigourney Weaver has starred in so many movies included Ridley Scott’s Alien sequel, James’s Cameron Avatar as well as her Oscar-nominated performance as Dian Fossey in Gorillas in the Mist

Are you ready for the red carpets? The San Sebastian International Festival is the most significant event of the city attracting an impressive list of Hollywood A-list actors, directors and other international celebrities. When it comes to top rated international festivals, San Sebastian stands out but with one of the lowest budgets ever. Despite its low budget, San Sebastian is the festival to beat thanks to its party favors.


Ethan Hawke

Ethan Hawke at San Sebastian Film Festival 2016

Following in the footsteps of Denzel Washington, Glenn Close and Benicio del Toro, Ethan Hawke, one of the most prominent actors in the entertainment industry will receive a Donostia Lifetime Achievement Award at this year’s festival. Hawke will receive his award before the screening of Antoine Fuqua’s remake of classic western “The Magnificent Seven”. Hawke, the four-time Academy Award nominee, is renowned for being one of the multifaceted artists in the world, doubling up as a screenwriter, novelist, director, and actor of the stage and screen. Ethan Hawke has starred in somany top profiled films including Before Midnight, Boyhood, The Purge, Good Kill and Before Sunset


Things to know about Spain’s San Sebastian Film Festival


The festival was conceived in 1953 with the intent of honoring Spanish language films, but since 1955 it has given international films a chance to compete.

San Sebastian film festival was created by a group of San Sebastian businessmen and Spanish dictator Francisco Franco with the aim of taking Spain’s locally made films to limelight, while presenting the country as one of the most friendly countries in the world

It is ranked among the 14 “A” category competitive festivals accredited by the FIAPF

The festival has been graced by some of the finest actors and directors in the film industry including Elizabeth Taylor, Audrey Hepburn, Meryl Streep, Robert de Niro and Brad Pitt

The Donostia Lifetime achievement award is given annually to honor one or more actors for their great achievements

San Sebastian Film Festival 2016, 64th Edition


About the San Sebsatian Film Festival

The San Sebastian Film Festival is an annual event that honors, both actors and directors for their great achievements and immense contributions to the filming industry all around the world. Ever since its inception in 1953, San Sebastian is well attended by famous personalities including actors and directors, to present their films, allowing for a more glamorous atmosphere. Asides awarding different prizes to actors in various sections, the Donostia Prize have been awarded in recognition of those whose impact has been positively felt in the film industry all through their career. This annual FIAPFA (International Federation of Film Producers Associations) category film festival is an event not to miss out on especially for festival enthusiasts. It is also ranked among the 14 “A” category competitive festivals accredited by the FIAPF. San Sebastian Film Festival has also played host to an array of important events including the international premier of Vertigo, by Alfred Hitchcock.


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