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Fino sherry from Tío Pepe brings together Jerez & Seville

Wine is social

Seville is always a lively city, and wine-related social events such as Tío Pepe En Rama 2015 are a must for any wine-lover, as well as those who are always at the hottest happenings. And I can tell you that for sevillanos to attend a jerezano event is unusual, since both lineages are historically known for being somewhat snobby and elitist (based on their glorious pasts). Whether it’s for mingling with the cream of Seville and Jerez society, or for devotion to sherry, this was one event not to be missed. A stunning and colorful scene was framed Tio Pepe en Rama presentation

The wine elite

Last week saw the launch of Tío Pepe En Rama 2015, a Fino Sherry which is fresh and full of expression. This unfiltered Sherry is chosen from the very best casks, from age-old soleras housed in the historic cellars Tío Pepe Constancia and Tío Pepe Rebollo in the Tío Pepe winery in Jerez de la Frontera, classed by the winery’s founder, Manuel María González, as “exceptional for aging”. A very limited release, the wine is bottled under extremely careful conditions in order to retain the extraordinary character and freshness of Tío Pepe En Rama. Pale in color with hints of olive-green, it is elegant on the nose with the distinct character of the flor in its intense and natural state. Aromas of almond and fresh yeast are followed through on the palate which is lively, concentrated and complex, with a salty, expressive finish. The label has been chosen, as is now the tradition, from the Gonzalez Byass Foundation and its Historic Archive. Master blender of Tío Pepe, Antonio Flores, did a poetic presentation Tío Pepe En Rama has been launched to coincide with the world-famous Feria de Abril (April Fair) in Seville, Spain, with the sherry event itself taking place at the beautiful Casa Palacio Guardiola, in the heart of this historic Andalucian city. Antonio Flores, Master Blender at Bodegas Tío Pepe, accompanied by Pedro Revuelta, Vice President and fifth-generation Gonzalez family member, described the aromas and flavors of the wine as being “Pura Vida” (“Pure Life”) with that poetic license reserved for the most literary souls.

What does “En Rama”  mean?

The wine takes its inspiration from the days when Fino Sherry was consumed straight from the cask and not subject to filtration or clarifying, making this a pure Sherry, the expression of Jerez and a Fino Sherry in its most natural and delicate state. A short flamenco performance was offered during Tio Pepe en Rama release in Seville (2015) Here at Paladar y Tomar, some of the world’s most ancient wines seduced us long ago. Was it the aura of myth and mystery that surrounds the bodegas, or the energy and enthusiasm of the new winemakers generation? You might be interested to read how we fell in love with sherry wines.

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