Angel Leon holds two Michelin stars in Puerto de Santa Maria, Andalusia

The beautiful Restaurant Aponiente in Puerto Santa Maria

Published on 12 June 2015 in Cosas de Comé by Pepe Monforte. Images courtesy of Aponiente. Restaurant Aponiente Puerto Santa Maria Angel León, known as Chef del Mar (Chef of the Sea), has set his new restaurant in El Puerto de Santa Maria on 1 September 2015. León has two Michelin stars for his current offering, Aponiente, in El Puerto, the seaside sherry town across the bay from Cadiz. The new gourmet establishment houses in an 18th-century flour mill next to the salt marshes. The project includes a restaurant and a gastronomic laboratory for developing new products, in collaboration with local Cadiz companies. […]

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El Celler de Can Roca: Best World Restaurant 2015

El Celler de Can Roca: World’s Best Restaurant, once again!

Spain leads the World’s 50 Best Restaurants Celler de Can Roca Last night, Spanish restaurant El Celler de Can Roca regained its title as The S.Pellegrino World’s Best Restaurant. Previously the No.1 in 2013, the Roca brothers’ restaurant has continued to gain global recognition for its gastronomic prowess. The results were announced at the annual celebration of global gastronomy in London: The World’s 50 Best Restaurants 2015. This ceremony brings together a unique community of extraordinary culinary talent to celebrate global gastronomy. Featuring restaurants from 21 countries around the world across six continents, the list provides an annual barometer of

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"Snacks, bites of revolution" a movie about Spanish cooking revolution

“Snacks, bites of revolution”, the generation that changed the world of cooking

A film by Verónica Escuer and Cristina Jolonch. Sometimes, very occasionally, some of the key players in a discipline coincide together in place and time. Sometimes, very occasionally, they manage to break down barriers. This has happened with all sort of artists, writers and athletes – and also with the stars of Snacks, Bites of Revolution, a documentary which tells the story of how a group of Spanish chefs passed on to the world their passion and conviction for free creation. What does Nouvelle Cusine mean to them? What is the aim of New Basque Cuisine? How and why did elBulli

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Pà amb tomàquet and jamon: an indispensable in Barcelona

Barcelona best tapas – Our 5 favorite bites

Barcelona best tapas Do you know the worst thing about Barcelona? The food. The best tapas of Barcelona. Don’t get me wrong – I’m not talking about bad food; in fact, the very opposite. Which is exactly the problem: everything in Barcelona is so good that I always have terrible trouble choosing what I’m going to eat. And so, in order to save you some time, I’ve selected the five indispensable bites for you to get a taste of Catalan food. Barcelona was voted by National Geographic as the ‘World’s Top Beach City’ in 2011 and ‘the second best place

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Triana Market in Sevilla

3 Food markets in Seville – Feria, Lonja Del Barranco and Triana

Food markets in Seville : Know Three of them Seville has always been known as a foodie destination – it is where tapas were invented, after all, as a dish to cover (tapar) your drink to stop pesky flies getting in. As well as, literally, thousands, of tapas bars, you can find some superb covered food markets bursting with fresh local produce, from the finest jamon iberico de bellota (acorn-fed Iberian ham) to fresh shellfish from the Huelva and Cadiz coasts, and fruit and vegetables grown in the area around the city and further afield in Andalucia. Seville Triana Market

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Sevilla hosted the fifth season of "Game of Thrones" in the Alcazar

Sevilla Cinema City : The Attractive Home Of Movies

Let’s go to the  Sevilla Cinema City ! Photograph: David Sánchez Lights! Camera! Action! If you are planning a trip to Seville, you may be interested to know that this corner of the South is filled with movie settings. Not only because of all the fascinating historic buildings created throughout its long history, but also because numerous films shown on cinema screens around the world have been shot in this stunning city. Sevilla seduces the camera, and draws it to her magnificent monuments and buildings – a dream that becomes reality. Welcome to Seville Cinema City! In the Andalusian capital, many

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Horses are a basic element in the Jerez Festival, Paladar y Tomar

Feria de Jerez : The Wonderful Horse Festival

The beautiful Feria de Jerez The alumbrado (lightening) of half a million lights at midnight on the portada (main entrance arch) marks the beginning of the Feria de Jerez. Jerez de la Frontera opens its doors to thousands of visitors every year for the Feria del Caballo (The Horse Festival). The Horse Festival in Jerez – declared to be of National Tourist Interest – is one of the most beautiful events of the year, a mixture of joy and passion combining pure breed horses, flamenco, food and sherry and daily premium bullfights. When people from outside of Andalusia think about the Feria, the

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sevilla fino enrama tiopepe 2015 paladarytomar 1

Fino sherry from Tío Pepe brings together Jerez & Seville

Wine is social Seville is always a lively city, and wine-related social events such as Tío Pepe En Rama 2015 are a must for any wine-lover, as well as those who are always at the hottest happenings. And I can tell you that for sevillanos to attend a jerezano event is unusual, since both lineages are historically known for being somewhat snobby and elitist (based on their glorious pasts). Whether it’s for mingling with the cream of Seville and Jerez society, or for devotion to sherry, this was one event not to be missed. The wine elite Last week saw the launch of Tío

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Barcelona customized spring breaks

Spring Break in Barcelona

Spring Break in Barcelona Here we are again. Same as last year and the previous one. I have been looking forward to spring break for weeks but when the time has finally come I have nothing actually planned. Help! What can I do? What should I do? So many options and so little time! All right, for starters let’s take a deep breath and not panic. All right, that’s better. Is holidays what we are talking about so let’s make sure to chill because, thankfully, here we are to help with last minute crisis. Let us be your private concierge in

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Bespoke Food Tours in Andalucia

Jamón ibérico: a guide to the perfect Spanish delicacy

Our Guide Jamón Ibérico When I am hungry, I can’t help thinking about jamón – and when Spaniards say jamón, we really mean jamón ibérico. This authentic delight is the cured meat from an Iberian pig leg; it’s both as simple and as complicated as that. Simple, yes, because there is very little human manipulation involved; and, other than thermal controls, it is a natural product. But complicated because, regrettably, there’s been too much confusion in the market and in the media. If you go to the grocery store, you can find jamón ibérico costing between 39€ and 300€ per kilo – so why the huge

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Feria de Sevilla: the most exclusive festival

Six tips to enjoy the famous Feria de Sevilla like a local

Enjoy with Feria de Sevilla Every spring, thousands of colorful striped tents appear on a huge vacant lot to the south-east of Seville. Beautifully-dressed people stroll along the sandy sidewalks arm in arm, singing sevillana songs, throwing their hands up in the air and swirling their polka-dotted dresses as they dance in the street. Grand carriages drawn by glossy, prancing horses roll along the streets filled with elegant gents and ladies sipping their sherry, and handsome men in tight pants or ladies in long side-saddle skirts ride purebred Arab steeds. Inside the tents, which are called casetas, Sevillanos chow down on

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Welcome to Our Blog, Stories to Inspire Travel by Paladar y Tomar

Welcome to P&T Travel Mag

Let me tell you we are YMP (acronym for Young Maverick Professionals) with a hunter spirit. We never follow the easy path; there is no shortcut to anywhere worth going. We love playing and going beyond expectations, why not creating a new travel concept that would identify our raison d’être? That is why we created a boutique travel design agency and we deliberately named it Paladar y Tomar; a Spanish name to identify our origin.   P&T Travel Mag is the only Spain travel blog written in English by native locals   There are so many real stories to talk about and too

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Priorat wines are scarce and some of the most expensive Spanish Wines

2 Best Wine Tours in Barcelona

2 Best Wine Tours in Barcelona They say that the best way to get to know the culture of any place is to eat your way through it. But we do not quite agree. Here is a secret we are happy to share: the really authentic best way of all is to drink it! How else would you be able to taste the flavor of its roots, it ground, its fruits, its tradition? And we want to prove it. Let’s start in Barcelona. The Catalan capital is full of wine bars that reflect the large variety and eclectic selection of the entire region. When

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extra virgin olive oil cadiz 1

6 Easy Tips to Guarantee Fresh Olive Oil

Olive Oil: the liquid gold There isn’t a home or professional kitchen in Spain that doesn’t stock olive oil. It is ubiquitous, and its popularity is similar to the French passion for butter. We adore this unctuous golden liquid! One of the best ways to experience Spanish olive oil is at breakfast. While a sweet pastry is still appreciated, most of us are unconditionally loyal to “Pan, Aceite y Jamón”. Fresh bread, olive oil and cured ham is my favorite way to start the day; and while I occasionally substitute jamón with cheese, tuna or an omelette, bread and olive oil are irreplaceable. And believe me,

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Sherry wineries are spectacular, access them in total exclusivity with Paladar y Tomar

A love letter to sherry

Original post published at Catavino, September 29th 2014. We love Sherry!   Who’s Sherry? Are you seriously leaving Barcelona for southwest Andalusia? Err…what’s in Cádiz, other than oranges? These are only some of the bizarre remarks we faced when telling the world that we were moving to Jerez, but it was a dream, our dream. And no, it wasn’t an easy move. It took us two years to make it a reality, but we just couldn’t escape the draw. The sole culprit? Sherry Wine! It’s all about duende  Shhh, don’t say it too loud, but Cádiz is one of those scarce places you should visit

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