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Spanish authentic cuisine, 5 fake myths

5 Common Myths about Spain

Of the millions of visitors who come to Spain every year, to enjoy the fabulous food, fascinating culture and wonderful weather, many still labour under several popular misconceptions about this beautiful but misunderstood country. Cuisine, dance, drinks – here we bust some of the most widespread myths about Spanish life. 1) Sangria is the preferred drink […]

Feria de Sevilla: the most exclusive festival

Six tips to enjoy the Feria de Sevilla like a local

Every spring, thousands of colorful striped tents appear on a huge vacant lot to the south-east of Seville. Beautifully-dressed people stroll along the sandy sidewalks arm in arm, singing sevillana songs, throwing their hands up in the air and swirling their polka-dotted dresses as they dance in the street. Grand carriages drawn by glossy, prancing horses […]

The sweet taste of Semana Santa in Seville

Experience the sombre, mystical week at Spain’s spiritual heart – Semana Santa in Seville The biggest annual religious event in Spain is Semana Santa, or Holy Week – from Domingo de Ramos (Palm Sunday) to Domingo de Resurreccion (Resurrection Sunday). Sombre processions of nazarenos – robed figures wearing capirotes (pointed hoods) which cover their faces, […]