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The Great Bluefin Tuna Experience

The bluefin tuna experience

Embark with us on an exclusive journey to experience first-hand the most sustainable, regulated, selective, and venerable fishing method known to man, whose practice has given rise to entire empires that thrived off of its yield and commerce: the Bluefin tuna experience.

Every spring shoals of massive Bluefin tuna pass through the narrow Strait of Gibraltar, preferring the balmy Mediterranean to harsh Atlantic waters for mating. It is on the beginning of this great migration, skirting the exclusive beaches of Zahara de los Atunes in Cádiz, where the illustrious silver-backed “bulls of the sea” are captured “en paso” (or “on their way”) in a sophisticated and artisanal fashion: the ancient fishing tradition known as Almadraba. Using this method, the fish are cornered onto the sandy beaches using elaborate deception techniques and captured in a sequence of nets, to cause the least amount of stress to the prized meat.

To this day, Almadraba technique is lodged in history, an ancient and precise art form that has not changed with the modernization of our world. Come with us to the only Almadraba in Spain authorized to host this exclusive attendance and witness first-hand the skilled artisans capture the choice Bluefin tuna at its peak of perfection.